Meet Mohit.

A project and product manager currently working for Inspera AS, Mohit has lived in Norway, India and France – where he studied and worked during various periods of his 25-year-old life thus far. With a passion for new challenges, he decided it would be a brilliant idea to leave Oslo (after gaining 2 years of work experience as a web and systems developer) and get a master’s degree in ‘Conception and Management of Information Systems’ from the renowned Ecole Polytechnique of Paris, which would eventually land him in IBM as an assistant project manager in Business analytics and development with a massive project at Galaries Lafayette. Having lived away from home from a fairly young age, moving to Paris at the age of 22 did not seem like a daunting prospect at all. Little did he know that speaking decent French and being a Polytechnician would not automatically exempt him from facing the rough streets of Paris. The banner on this page is a carefully selected photograph captured by Mohit at Montmartre on a cloudy winter’s day overlooking the stylish city of Paris, which much like Mohit, is bright, extremely detailed, scattered in some parts, very collected in others, but ultimately has a character of its very own nowhere else to be found.

During his bachelor’s studies in India, Mohit got the time and opportunity to pursue a lot of his interests outside his major field of study, which was Information and Communication technology. He spent a substantial amount of his time staring at the night sky and learning about the universe and its mysterious ways, focusing on sharing this with others by means of organised talks and presentations via the Astronomy Club at Manipal University, which he served for 3 years in various capacities. He enjoyed literary work and served the Editorial Board of Manipal Institute of Technology for one year. Additionally, he also worked on the layout of the 200-odd-page magazine, endlessly experimenting on InDesign and Photoshop, suffering severe bouts of sleep deprivation towards the end. He made friends for life during that process so the trade-off was extremely satisfying in hindsight.

Oslo is home to Mohit. It is the city that he feels most comfortable in (yes, even on freezing winter days) but he is not hesitant about flying around because travelling is such fun, even if it is for work! Other countries Mohit particularly loves are Ireland and the United States of America. He is a big fan of the Beatles and loves going to concerts, especially when fireworks are on the agenda.

If you’d like to contact Mohit, please drop him an e-mail in either English, Norwegian, Hindi or French at the following address:

Thank you for reading, you’re just lovely!